Giving back to society

I aptly believe in “We make a living by what we GET, but we make a life by what we GIVE.” I set the tone for philanthropic activities which keeps humanity in the center of all conduct. It makes me happy when I contribute to the society directly or indirectly. Recently I made contribution to the Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute, The Gujarat Research & Medical Institute, Prathma Blood Bank, Redcross and many others which brings a sense of happiness to me.

Moreover I am an individual high on spiritual principles as well. Making contributions to spiritual activities brings sanctity to me. Hence I believe in regular contributions to various religious places including the most revered temple like the Cantonment, Ahmedabad, Shrinathji temple at Rajasthan, Shri Dwarkadish Mandir at Dwarka and many more.

In the contemporary era, individuals have forgotten the spiritual part of their life but that’s where I believe in embracing the joy of giving proactively.

Social Responsibility

I believe in “Service to humanity is service to God.” Values like empathy, compassion and sensitivity are deep entrenched in my conscience. I have always radiated an explicit urge of coming forth and making a contribution to socially relevant and responsible activities for the society.

It gives me a sense of satisfaction if I can be a help to thousands in the hour of distress. I have never parted with my responsibilities of serving the needy. Moreover, when nature has unveiled its wrathful face, I always like to stand by the people to pacify them, console them and do what he could to regain normalcy. I firmly believe in digging my heels deep into the problems with the aim of helping people at the grassroots level rather than engaging in superficial activities.