Collaboration with European Union for Entrepreneurship Development

I always believe in supporting and creating environment for innovation and entrepreneurship. I Still remember that On 1st May 1999 Gujarat Law Society entered into contract for three years with Network Co-coordinating Centre (NCC), EU India Cultural Innovation Network with following objectives.

  • To carry out educational and research programmes, national and international projects, regional, national and international links-academic, industrial and NGOs.
  • To foster industrial innovations in Gujarat and its relevance to socio-economic development
  • To offer Information audit of innovation centers and technology transfer centers in Gujarat and their role in socio-economic development.

It’s quite fulfilling to see that the centre has achieved its objectives as follow.

Developed knowledge database and material for development of dedicated website for EU-India Project

  • Interaction between electronic and human knowledge resources.
  • Interactive learning and interactive collaboration
  • Developed various electronic resources.
  • Carried out activities pertaining joint supervision for young researchers and post graduate students.
  • Developed material for joint publications, project reports and information dissemination
  • Organized various state level, national and international level seminars on the said topics.

Above initiative has helped to build an environment to foster innovation and research in the region.