First Concovation at GLS University

First Concovation at GLS University. My two cents to the students for their future.

It was indeed great pride and pleasure for all of us at Gujarat Law Society that the First Convocation of GLS University was held. According to me, the importance of the First Convocation of GLS University is that all the pioneers who have contributed their hard work in the development of the Society are the real back bone & to whom, I dedicated this First Convocation.

It was also my great pleasure in welcoming the Chief Guest of the Event Mr. Adam Lawrence Fenech Noble Laureate who had specially flown from Canada for the Convocation.

The Convocation is always for the students and of the students and I understand that 511 students were awarded Degree of Management, Computer Application as well as Bachelor of Education.

Mr. Ronald Reagan, Ex-President of America in one of his speeches addressing to the youngsters like you has said : "You all people are very lucky because you have become graduate and you know what you are going to do next year but I, Ronald Reagan, President of America not sure, whether I will be on the Chair of the President next year or not. All of you are more powerful than me at this moment".

According to me, the aforesaid quote is the real message to the youngsters, which in other words convey that never feel that you are weak, always have the feeling that you can do everything and anything. I always remember the sentence of Shri Dhirubhai Ambani which has become the slogan for the Reliance Industries and it is proved that "Duniya Muthi Ma Kar Lo”

Convocation is an occasion where youngsters start their real life from tomorrow and from my practical experience and personal advise I suggest that they should read a book known as “Life is not Fair” wherein, thoughts of prominent personalities like the Ex-American President Mr. Ronald Reagan and T.V. anchor Oprah Winfrey are included.

For those who are going to start their Job or Work immediately after the College, I suggest you work hard, be on time and if possible work after working hours so that people around you notice your efforts.

A Student once asked Swami Vivekananda, If You were to advise me only one thing what would you advise? To which Swami Vivekananda said and I quote “DO NOT BE SURPRISED OF ANYTHING IN LIFE”! & Always remain dissatisfied “ By this he meant that there is a vast wide world-out-there, which comes up with sudden blows and gouts without any intimation. People in the real world are very different and the best of people due to cut throat competition tend to get self-centered. Saying that, life also has very happy and contented people who are happy with what they have achieved because they had certain purpose and aims in life. A aimless friend or colleague is more dangerous than a discontent or goal seeking colleague. Dissatisfaction is the first condition for progress. So youngsters should remain dissatisfied in life to the extent feasible.

Today we are at cross roads where modern culture is taking over our tradition. In some ways that is healthy and progressive and in so many ways it’s not the case. In this ever growing World and diminishing boundaries we have to be careful in choosing our companions, friends and make sure that we do not forget our rules.

For a society to progress youngsters will have to stand up for righteousness and while doing this you need to ask questions which are dark and dangerous. Only asking questions will not help, finding solutions and getting answers for it will bring about a change for better in our society and your own life.

It is said that ship anchored at the Bank is extremely safe, however ship closer to the docks are relatively safer than the ships at sea which means that life will have to face rough seas. Now that you have graduated, do not expect life to be a bed of roses. Challenges of livelihood & survival will be in front of u like a python trying to engulf you.

For Example, P T Usha (an iconic woman athlete) before becoming World Champion started her training by running with rubber slippers on coal tar road. The famous Poet and Writer Gulzar had to work as a Car mechanic before he achieved fame. A writer like Pannalal Patel had to do laborious work in a Factory. These are some of the examples of many famous people who got into the position they are in today after lot of difficulties and rejections. The Most famous is Jack Ma, the richest Man in China today who owns Alibaba, he faced rejections 45 times before his business became a success.

Another important thing that I would advise is that never lose your sense of humor. Don’t take life as a joke but don’t take it very seriously either. Learn to laugh at your own self. Lastly, never forget to dream. There is nothing greater than your dreams and your ambition. As time goes by the World will change you but your dreams will keep you motivated and young. True accomplishment means keeping the dream alive!”. “Undoubtedly, after College life, career is a significant fact, but no other career is more significant or greater than to “bear the parents”, because, in future, in your life, you shall have to face another difficult career in your life and that shall be to bear the career of your children! SO YOUR PRACTICE TO BEAR PARENTS (by telling them you love them when you show degree to them & take their blessings which would make them very happy & proud) and this blessings of parents WILL BE USEFUL AS TRAINING TO YOUR CHILDREN!

Once again, I take this opportunity of thanking the Chief Guest Mr. Adam Lawrence Fenech, who had specially flown from Canada for the first Convocation of GLS University. I am also thankful to Dr. Malay Mahadeviya, the Guest of Honour who represents the leading industrial Adani Group. I lastly congratulate each and every student present here on your Graduation Day, May Life bring upon you all that you desire, a good career and family life. Blessing to one and all and May you shine and with you shine the name of GLS University even become brighter.