Adoption of Bakrol Village

As we had a close association with Bakrol village since 2001, we adopted Bakrol village as an initiative towards ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’. Thus C U Shah Arts College, part of GLS, then headed by Dr B H Joshi, Registrar, GLS, conducted an NSS Camp at Bakrol that year. The NSS students did an excellent job in terms of spreading awareness about and working towards cleanliness, health and education. Impressed with this dedication, the village leaders were convinced about the concepts propagated by our students and expressed their trust in GLS.

Their appreciation for the sincere work carried out by GLS students was manifested in a unique manner. The Bakrol Panchayat resolved to offer GLS 60 acres of land for providing higher education to its residents, and this resolution was handed over to GLS management by 40 villagers. The association continued in 2003 with C U Shah Arts students adopting the village for a year. This time our focus was on education.